Meet The Artist

Founder, Designer, Jeweler

Jewelry making and entrepreneurship have been my passion since an early age. At age 10, selling my handmade bracelets to classmates. At age 14, making custom Kandi jewelry for EDM festival goers. And in my late teen years, expanding my craft with Wire-Wrapping, Metalsmithing, and Electroforming to build the brand that you see today. I’ve recently expanded into curating jewelry that fits the ROSA MIA ethos.


The aesthetics that you'll find in Rosa Mia are very personal to me. If there was one word to describe them, I'd say "eccentric." Sometimes that manifests as incorporating my Mexican heritage into my designs to create a statement piece. Other times, blending the classic with the modern to create an eclectic collection.


ROSA MIA is a vessel for some of the values than I have: jewelry fashion, sustainability, and unconditional love. I recognize the individual power we have to shape the world we live in, which is why I focus on bringing you products that are aesthetically designed, crafted with love, and sustainably executed. I recycle metal scraps from handmade pieces, source my gemstones (whether authentic, cultured, or lab-made) from eco-friendly companies, and use environmentally conscious packaging material.


Fun fact: "Rosa Mia" is Spanish for "Rose of mine"